Venice Italy short-break vacation

photographs of Venice depicting churches, canals, automated canal cleaner, man in a mirror, delivering groceries, cafe seats on water, Doges Palace, St. Mark's Square, Contemporary Art, masks, sculptures, Designer shopfronts: Sisley Versace GF Ferre Guggi Pucci, bridges, Flood intervention prevention scheme taken by Llewelyn Pritchard, 22-27 November 2004

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Floor of a church in Venice
Venise Italie court-cassent des vacances

Venice Италия скоро-lomaet каникулу

Διακοπές κοντός-σπασιμάτων της Βενετίας Ιταλία

De kort-onderbrekingsvakantie van Veneti�Itali�



베니스 이탈리아는 휴가를 짧 끊는다


Venecia Italia corto-rompe vacaciones

Veneza Italy curto-quebra f�rias

Venezia Italia corto-rompe la vacanza

Venedig Italien kurz-brechen Ferien

Sunday, December 25, 2005

This site is dedicated to obtaining justice for Erica Anitoff Williams, four and a half years and her young father Arthur Eric Williams, 27 years who died in their Labrador Development Company home, Port Hope Simpson in acrimonious, suspicious circumstances in the early hours of 3 February 1940. The R.C.M.P (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Serious Crimes Unit, Gander, Newfoundland have recently in 2002, opened up their own investigation about the deaths. If you know anything at all about what happened please do not hesitate in contacting your local RCMP detachment or the police force of jurisdiction in your area. If you live outside Canada, please contact your local police service and ask them to make a request for assistance from the appropriate Canadian law enforcement agency.
The main RCMP website address is or Email me!

HTTP://PORTHOPESIMPSON.BLOGSPOT.COM ORAL HISTORY as recalled by Mrs. Kathleen Mina Squire (formerly James, known as Bunty James) interviewee, who lived in Port Hope Simpson in 1935 as a guest of her life-long friend, Katie Doreen Williams, daughter of J. O. Williams. Interviewed by Llewelyn Pritchard in the company of John (grandson of J.O. Williams) and Sheila Illsley;11 January 2003

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Automated street cleaner, Venice

Busy waterway, Venice

Man in a mirror - Venice

Cafe seats on water, Venice

Delivering groceries in Venice

Contemporary Art, Venice

Contemporary Art - nudist colony - Venice

Contemporary Art - recycled theme - Venice

Crane on barge, Venice

Designer shopfront, Sisley, Venice

Designer shopfront, Venice

Designer shopfront, Venice

Designer shopfront, Sisley, Venice

Designer shopfront, Sisley, Venice

Designer shopfront, Versace, Venice

Designer shopfront, Venice

Designer shopfront, Versace, Venice

Designer shopfront, Versace, Venice

Designer shopfront, GF Ferre, Venice

Designer shopfront, Guggi, Venice

Designer shopfront, Pucci, Venice

Designer shopfront, Venice

Doges palace from waterbus, Venice

Doges palace from waterbus, Venice

Doges palace, Venice

Doges palace & pigeons, Venice

Doges palace, Venice

Doges palace, Venice

Pile-driving stick into canal bed, Venice

Concrete & stone bridge construction, Venice

Wooden bridge construction, Venice

Bridge of Sighs, used by prisoners, Venice

Marble wall slabs & staples, Venice

Flood intervention scheme - the need for - Venice

Flood intervention scheme, pile-driving new wooden foundation posts, Venice

Flood intervention scheme, sea wall close-up, Venice

Flood intervention scheme, diagrammatic representation, Venice

Flood intervention scheme, diagrammatic representation, Venice

Flood intervention scheme, creating new sea wall, Venice

Flood intervention scheme, previous wet weather, Venice

Maori intervention, Venice

Gymnastic group, Venice

Flood intervention scheme, historical weather conditions, Venice

Flood intervention scheme, re-constructing sea wall, Venice

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Flood intervention scheme, new composite seawall, Venice

Flood intervention scheme, diagramatic representation,Venice

Flood intervention scheme, diagramatic representation, Venice

Flood intervention scheme, reinforcement, Venice